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Internship Opportunities


The YWCA is a place for women of all ages to develop job skills and build their resumes.  Iowa State University students from many disciplines obtain valuable experience in a supportive setting.  Past interns and practica students include majors in Child and Family Studies, Leadership and Policy Studies, International Studies, Journalism, Marketing, Finance and more.

Internships are uniquely designed to meet the interest of the individual within the mission of the YWCA.  Cooperation with academic supervisors is the key to a successful experience.  This team approach assures that the student will meet course criteria, and thus earn academic credit. Internships at this time are unpaid.


"Doing an internship at the YWCA provides students an opportunity to analyze their assumptions about racism and women's roles in our society as well as in other cultures. Interns have learned to identify and appreciate the values, beliefs, and strengths of women from various nations and diverse cultures. They have learned how to work and live more peacefully in a world in which terrorism, violence and fear are prevalent."

- Dr. Beverly Kruempel, Faculty member in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

"My name is Miranda Aug. I am originally from Minnesota, going to school at Iowa State University. I am a senior in Child, Adult and Family Services and I currently Intern at the YWCA-Ames. I encourage you all to get involved and reach out on becoming a volunteer or an upcoming intern. Being a part of the YWCA is a great experience and a great organization to be involved with."

- Miranda Aug- Intern

If you are interested in a Fall or Spring internship at the YWCA Ames-ISU, please email your resume and cover letter to the YWCA Executive Director, Angela Merrick, at

Dr. Bev Kruempel
Intern Miranda Ag
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